10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas For 2024

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Guess what? It’s time to celebrate all things Dad!

Whether your dad is a whiz in the kitchen, a lover of golf, or an absolute beer fanatic, I’ve curated a list of cool and quirky father’s day gifts I believe are guaranteed to bring a smile to his face this year!

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Perfect For: The Dad Who LOVES Garlic

Uncommon Goods | $25

You know what they say – you’re either a fan of garlic, or a REALLY BIG fan of garlic. If your dad loves to mince, mash, roast, and sauté as much as I do, this gift will make his entire year!

19th Hole Golf Club Cocktail Stirrers

19th Hole Golf Club Cocktail Stirrers

Perfect For: The Golf-Mad Dad

Uncommon Goods | $35

Does your dad spend his day off thinking about golf, dreaming about golf, and trying to teach you his latest golfing technique? Then these fun themed cocktail stirrers would make a lovely gift for him.

Viski Admiral Crystal Whiskey Tumblers

Viski Admiral Crystal Whiskey Tumblers

Perfect For: The Dad Who Loves Luxury

Wayfair | $45

Do you want your dad to relax and take it easy? Why not treat him to an evening of whisky and chat with these beautiful crystal tumblers.

Even if he doesn’t drink often, these glasses are the perfect way to accessorize his home office with a feeling of well-deserved luxury.

Cold Beer Coats

Cold Beer Coats

Perfect For: The Quirky Dad

Uncommon Goods | $20

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to look at small objects wearing small outfits? – especially when they’ll also keep your beverages ice-cold this summer!

I can absolutely guarantee these will get a chuckle from your dad on father’s day.

Whiskey Barrel Watch

Whiskey Barrel Watch

Perfect For: The Dad with Style

Uncommon Goods | $249

Do you ever stumble across a product that’s just really vintage and really cool? This wooden watch is handcrafted from retired oak barrels, what a great conversation starter!

State Spoon Rest

State Spoon Rest

Perfect For: The Dad Who Loves Cooking

Uncommon Goods | $28

This hand-sculpted pottery spoon rest not only looks amazing, it adds a functional element to cooking up his favorite meal.

Never again will his trusty wooden spoon sit sadly on the counter-top.

JY03 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults and Kids

JY03 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults and Kids

Perfect For: Outdoor Bonding with Dad

Walmart | $175

Nothing quite says bonding like flying drones together and recording the amazing view from above.

The best part is that both adults and kids can join in with the fun!

Meta Quest 2 Wireless VR Headset

Meta Quest 2 — Wireless VR Headset

Perfect For: The Tech-Savvy Dad

Walmart | $289

If you haven’t heard of the Meta Quest 2, then you’re in for a treat.

Perfect no matter whether he’s a gamer, a remote worker, or an augmented reality enthusiast. As an added bonus, this VR headset is completely wireless!

Acoustic Frog Amplifying Phone Speaker

Acoustic Frog Amplifying Phone Speaker

Perfect For: The Groovy Dad

Uncommon Goods | $55

It’s always fun to have a piece of décor in your home that’s also super useful. This ceramic frog’s large mouth works like a megaphone and enhances the sounds coming from your phone.

The best part is, no wires or batteries required – news which is guaranteed to be music to your father’s ears – pun intended!

Retro Food Socks Gift Set

Retro Food Socks Gift Set

Perfect For: The Funky Sock Loving Dad

Happy Socks | $48

If your dad is a funky sock lover then there’s no way he won’t love these sustainably sourced retro socks.

This gift set includes fun food themed designs, like fast food – burger and fries anyone? – cherries, and bananas!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this curated list of father’s day gift ideas. If you’d love to stay up to date with all of our latest finds, please join my newsletter or follow me on social media, linked below, it would absolutely make my day!