10 Thoughtful Gifts For Moms Who Have Everything

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Ready to treat your mom to a well-deserved gift?

Let’s be honest, it can be really hard to shop for moms who just seem to have everything they’ve ever needed, or even wanted.

Maybe they’re frugal and tell you they don’t want anything, or maybe they just go ahead and buy the things they need.

Either way, we all know it can be stressful to try and pick something they’ll really love – but don’t worry, hopefully my list of gift ideas will help inspire you to find the perfect gift!

The Kissing Mugs

Perfect For: Moms In Love

Uncommon Goods | $50

These adorable mugs would make a lovely gift for moms everywhere.

Featuring two sweet porcelain faces that kiss when touched together, they are absolutely perfect for enjoying a cup of hot cocoa with your other half!

Personalized Pink Primrose Cocoa Mug

Perfect For: Moms Who Love Spring Florals

Emma Bridgewater | $48

Perhaps she prefers a more personalized and handmade approach to gifts?

This adorable hand-painted mug from Emma Bridgewater can be customized with her name – and best of all, there are multiple beautiful patterns to choose from!

Cherry Pit Therapeutic Heat Pillow

Perfect For: A Spa Day At Home

Uncommon Goods | $32

Even the fussiest moms need to relax every once in a while!

These handmade patterned therapeutic pillows are filled with naturally dried and sterilized cherry pits and can be applied to pressure areas, cold or warmed up, to relieve tension.

This gift is definitely a winner in my household!

Birthdate Pendant Necklace

Perfect For: A Gift Unique To Her

Birthdate.co | $199

These personalized pendants are inspired by astrology and numerology to celebrate each day of the year.

Each necklace contains four astrological stones to celebrate her birthdate and are said to bring her fortune and good energy!

Name a Star or Constellation Gift

Perfect For: Star Gazers

Star Registration | $60

Does she love to look at the stars in the night sky?

This gift includes a personalized star certificate for her named star and she’ll also receive a personalized star map!

Stitch What You’ve Grown Gardening Apron DIY Kit

Perfect For: Moms with a Green Thumb

Not On The High Street | $47

If she loves her gardening, then she’s guaranteed to love this DIY kit that will allow her to embroider adorable portraits of all the vegetables she grows.

Best of all, not only is it a practical apron, it also doubles as a visual checklist for her!

Even if she doesn’t do her own gardening, this apron is still a beautiful craft project.

Assorted Cookie Tin

Perfect For: Moms with a Sweet Tooth

Milk Bar | $27

Even if she doesn’t know what she wants, who can say no to a gift set of mouth-watering cookies?

Including and assortment of flavours such as Chocolate Confetti, Blueberry and Cream, and more!

Pressed Birth Flower Pendant Necklace

Perfect For: Moms Who Love The Floral Aesthetic

Not On The High Street | $36

Both subtle and elegant, these pressed flower necklaces are beautiful and personalized to the flower of her birth month.

Pinch Provisions Pink Salt Spa Kit

Perfect For: Exfoliation and Relaxation

Anthropologie | $35

Ah, nothing can beat a home spa day.

With the aroma of the Himalayan pink bath salts and massager, and the pampering feeling from the sherpa fleece sleep mask – your mom is sure to be in absolute heaven with this gift set!

Personalized Family Birthstone Link Bracelet

Perfect For: Sentimental Moms

Not On The High Street | $29

Some moms love thoughtful gifts more than expensive ones.

If she’s the sentimental type, consider this beautiful link bracelet containing Swarovski crystal birthstones for each member of her family.

A gift that’s sure to make her emotional for years to come!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this curated list of mom gift ideas. If you’d love to stay up to date with all of our latest finds, please join my newsletter or follow me on social media, linked below, it would absolutely make my day!