10 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her – Traditional Tin / Modern Diamond

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it’s time to celebrate your decade of happiness!

Whether you prefer the traditional tin or the more modern diamond for your 10th anniversary celebration, I’ve curated a list of 10 beautiful gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile to her face!

“Happy Tin Years” Personalized Anniversary Camping Mugs

Perfect For: The Wife Who Love The Outdoors

Etsy | $21

Do you and your wife love adventuring outside? Picture the idea of a night spent camping next to a toasty fire!

They’re made from durable ceramic with a rolled silver rim, which means they’re sure to last and help create memories for years to come.

Pandora Era Lab-grown Diamond Bezel Chain Bracelet

Perfect For: The Wife Who Loves Subtle Jewelry

Pandora US | $290 Pandora UK | £250

This stunning sterling silver and diamond bracelet from Pandora is guaranteed to bring the wow-factor to your special day.

If your wife is a fan of minimalism and subtlety, she will love the look of the simple bezel chain design.

Plus, not only is the diamond large and aesthetically pleasing, it’s also lab-grown, which means it’s fully sustainable! A big win if she’s eco-conscious.

10 Years and Counting Wedding Ring Holder

Perfect For: The Wife Who Loves Organization

Etsy | $45

This beautiful ring holder would be a lovely and constant reminder of your decade of love together.

This plate has been etched with the words “10 years and counting” – I know If my husband bought me this I’d be over the moon!

Gold Aluminum Turtle Planter Pot

Perfect For: The Wife Who Loves Gardening

Anthropologie | $38

Does she love turtles? Is she a gardening fanatic? Then I’m certain this fun little plant friend would make a wonderful gift for her.

Made from aluminum with a gold colored finish, this quirky interior piece would add a unique touch to any household and be a constant reminder of your love for each other.

Vera Wang Diamond Mosaic Champagne Flutes

Perfect For: Creating a Romantic Atmosphere

John Lewis | $110

While not technically made from diamonds, these beautiful diamond mosaic champagne flutes will add a delightful touch of elegance to any romantic meal or formal dinner.

They have been designed by Vera Wang, meaning you can expect a high quality product with a luxurious aesthetic design.

Pavé Diamond Safety Pin Earrings

Perfect For: A Unique Touch of Luxury

Anthropologie | $995

If you’re looking for a luxury gift with a twist, these safety pin earrings from Anthropologie are both quirky and gorgeous.

They’re made from 14k Gold and multiple diamonds and the gorgeous paper-clip design is guaranteed to make her stand out and serve as an amazing conversational piece.

Old Country Roses White Vintage 3 Tier Cake Plate

Perfect For: The Vintage Aesthetic Lover

Macy’s | $155

Who doesn’t love a vintage cake plate?!

This beautiful pink rose design, coupled with an easy-to-carry gold handle, makes this a gorgeous and wonderfully practical gift for your wife this anniversary.

If she loves baking, there’s no way she won’t absolutely love this gift!

10 Down and Forever To Go Key Chain with 2014 Dime

Perfect For: A Keepsake To Carry

Etsy | $22

I believe the best gifts are the ones you carry with you wherever you go. I adore small items that create big reminders!

If your wife is as sentimental as me, she’ll definitely love the thought that went into picking this anniversary gift.

Personalized 10 Year Anniversary 8×10 Metal Artwork

Perfect For: A Keepsake To Carry

Etsy | $111

Does your wife love minimalism and the industrial aesthetic? This personalized metal artwork is such a thoughtful way to commemorate your 10th anniversary.

The design itself features the years, months, weeks, days, hours, and even minutes since you both were married.

Birthstone Gemstone & Diamond Accent Heart Pendant Necklace

Perfect For: A Keepsake To Carry

Macy’s | $257

Birthstone jewelry is an all time favorite of mine. There’s something that makes it feel extra special to know someone well enough to personalize their present in this way.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this curated list of 10th anniversary gift ideas. If you’d love to stay up to date with all of our latest finds, please join my newsletter or follow me on social media, linked below, it would absolutely make my day!